I knew CAN DO was what I was looking for!

I knew CAN DO was what I was looking for!

Since joining CAN DO I've gone from a couch potato to a crinkle cut fry. Seriously, I've lost about 25 pounds and I'm down to about 17% in body fat. More importantly, I actually now consider myself 'athletic' for the first time in my life - and I'm 48! So much so that I plan on doing my first Sprint Triathlon next Summer.

I truly owe this transformation to the inspiration and motivation I get from CAN DO. Although I haven't had the need for a personal trainer, I have utilized many of the specialty programs as part of my cross-training regimen.

I spent months doing both private and small group Pilates (with Deb) and increased my flexibility, range of motion and core stability. Last Summer, in anticipation of the desire to do a triathlon before I turned 50, I took swimming lessons with Svetlana. I went from not even swimming with my head in the water to now doing proper freestyle laps. A real sense of accomplishment.

Although not considered 'personal training', I have to put a considerable emphasis on the CAN DO Spinning classes - most specifically/importantly those of Nancy and Germain. Since joining, I

have taken over 215 of their classes. These are not merely classes in Spinning, but are classes in physical fitness, endurance, motivation, and overall wellbeing. So much so, that I've migrated from the dark back corner of the room two years ago to front and center now - and, this Saturday, I'm taking the Spinning Certification Course, taught by Nancy at CAN DO, with the intention of becoming a sub or regular Spinning instructor on the CAN DO schedule (hint, hint).

I almost forgot, for what its worth, I also did the TRX classes a couple times.

That's about it.
Hope it's what you're looking for.
I know CAN DO is what I was looking for!

Mikel Cirkus

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