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Pilates At CAN DO

I’ve walked by the room hundreds of times on my way into Studio B.  I’ve peaked inside with wonderment. Everyone looked happy and content. They looked like they were getting a strong workout. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about the Pilates room.

I finally decided to book an appointment for a private session. While I was familiar with Pilates mat classes, I had never trained privately with a Pilates trainer with equipment. I love trying new forms of exercise so I was very excited at this opportunity.

The Top 10 Top Secret Fitness Tips To Keep Weight Off During The Holidays

  1. CHANGE IT UP: This is a perfect time to start trying different exercise program.  Take advantage of physiological adaptations of the body to help stave off the pounds.  If you lift heavy go light with more reps and volume.  If you run or use the cardio equipment try a class instead.  Changing up your workouts will give your body a jump start metabolically helping you stay fit!